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Help us ignite a culture of kindness around the planet!

Be a Champion of Compassion to help us ignite a culture of kindness around the world!…


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Join a social experiment, contributing to a TEDx Talk, that could change your life


You are cordially invited to participate in a social experiment that will contribute to, and be featured in an upcoming TEDx Talk.


This special invitation is from David Buck, the founder of Connect The Dots™, an organization designed to support you to discover your passion, unlock…


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Lets Play Together So Everyone Wins!


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Jehovah’s Witnesses (JW): Their Beliefs and Religious Practices

Jehovah’s Witnesses, a religion which originated in the 19th century, is different from Christian denominations in many aspects. Jehovah’s Witnesses (JW) do believe in Jesus and his dynamic teachings, but they deny the Trinity doctrine and the traditional symbol of Christianity. They call their faith in God – “The Truth.” They don’t follow Old Testament and use the New World Translation (NWT). As opposed to church, JW attend Kingdom Halls. Jehovah’s…


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New Unbook on Attachment & Spirituality

As an attachment researcher and mindfulness practitioner, I’ve been writing a book on attachment and spirituality for almost 20 years. It’s never going to get finished. So I created an “Everything I really want to say in 87 minutes or less” summary. It’s now available, at no cost, on line. It’s definitely not for everyone. It’s written for those of us who struggle and suffer and often feel lost.…


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How Much Is a Human Being Worth? Religious Leaders Declaration Against Modern Slavery

Ever wondered what the fastest growing criminal activity in the world is? According to a Cambridge University study published in 2010, it’s the business of human trafficking.The trade in human beings, the practice of which violates the United Nations’ human rights conventions, is a seedy and rapidly expanding business that’s estimated to generate over US$30 billion in illegal revenues globally. …


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2015 PEACE CAMP - an all ages community day camp experience for children and youth

Scholarships invited! 

Children attending from all around the city and from Japan!

Counselors from India and Africa (if they get their Visas).

Send contributions to:  …


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Sema: the Whirling Prayer of the Mevlevi

Sema: the Whirling Prayer of the Mevlevi

Sunday December 14th


Ballard Odd Fellows Hall

1706 NW Market Street

Seattle, WA 98107…


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Amma, Pope, World Faith Leaders Declare Commitment to Eradication of Slavery

Religious leaders gather at the Vatican to commit to working together for the eradication of slavery by 2020

December 2,…


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Indigenous Wisdom for Compassionate Living and Unified Action

Receive profound Indigenous wisdom by entering into a virtual circle for healing, ceremony, teaching, sharing and co-creating in a sacred and unified way.

Learn to apply The 16 Indigenous Guiding Principles that have been carefully chosen by councils of leaders to serve as…


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TCN Buddhist Center Invites Female Practitioners into Residence

Residency program at the new TCN Buddhist Center is now available for two or three female practitioners.

Buddhist or interfaith practitioners will observe a schedule of practice and abide by vows of discipline.

Please see more info here: TCN Buddhist Center Residency Program

and do visit during the Center's Open House on 9/27/14, next Saturday, from 10 AM to 2…


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Contemplative Retreat "The Heart of Religious Unity" with Dr. Reza Shah-Kazemi


we are delighted to be hosting international visitor and interfaith scholar (from England)

Dr. Reza Shah-Kazemi. 

Dr. Shah-Kazemi will offer a contemplative retreat 

"The Heart of Religious…


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Venerable Dr. Pannavati coming to Seattle August 8 & 9

Venerable Dr. Panavati is teaching in Seattle at Nalanda West Friday, August 8th and Saturday, August 9th, 2014: For more information and to register click here.

Ven. Dr. Pannavati, a former Christian pastor, is co-founder and co-Abbot of Embracing-Simplicity Hermitage in Hendersonville, NC. A black, female Buddhist monk ordained in the Theravada and Mahayana traditions with Vajrayana empowerments…


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Japanese Children coming to Peace Camp in Ballard. Host families needed.

Japanese Children coming to Peace Camp at Interfaith Community Sanctuary in Ballard.  Host families needed.
Contact:  Gretchen Rowe
Peace Camp 2014, held at Interfaith Community Sanctuary in Ballard, is in partnership with UPBEAT, an English…

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PEACE CAMP - an all ages community day camp experience for children and youth

Scholarships monies invited to support PEACE CAMP!


An all ages community day camp experience for children and youth

“United: I think being united is like two or more people acting positive as one.”

“You: You should love YOU!”

Rianna, age 10

WHERE: Interfaith Community Sanctuary, 1763 NW 62nd St., Ballard 98107


SESSION 1: JULY 7 – JULY 18 (10 days - Monday –…


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33 Wisdom Keepers From Six Continents Convene in Northern California For URI Global Indigenous Initiative Gathering

San Francisco, CA – June 30, 2014 – URI’s Global Indigenous Initiative is honored to announce Hidden Seeds of Natural Healing & Curing, a sacred gathering occurring June 30 – July 3, 2014 at an undisclosed location in Northern California. This 4-day event is being attended by 33 Indigenous wisdom keepers from six continents, including two young people ages 13 and 14, for the purpose of engaging in critical dialogue about practical issues and concerns facing their…


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West Seattle Cup This Weekend - Calling All Volunteers!

We’re all on the same team!

The West Seattle Cup is a co-opetition, a combination of competition and cooperation. We recognize that for some people this may be an unfamiliar way of playing. Popular culture and media often frame sports (and, one might argue, life) in a winner/loser context. We appreciate and respect this perspective. Competition is a powerful motivator; it is what makes games fun. However, as our children’s role models, we…


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Shift Network's Summer of Peace Invitation


For all of us who long for more peace and harmony in our lives and our world, the daily challenges we face can feel daunting. And when we hear about bullying in schools, the senseless violence in our neighborhoods and the bloodshed in war-torn nations, it’s so easy to feel helpless and fall into despair. It can be difficult to know where to turn to find the inspiration and guidance we need to heal the conflicts in our own hearts, in our relationships and in our larger…


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Voices of Compassion Part XLVIII

Another installment of what compassion means to people, collected at the corner of 3rd and C in Davis, California--

A genuine sense of understanding and the act upon it. 

You love yourself enough to love others. 

A real good hug!

Compassion is children. 

Sympathy and empathy where you would not normally feel them. 

A great way to orient your daily life. 

Compassion is to understand other…


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Meet the woman who's hugged 33 million people - AMMA comes to Bellevue

An Indian humanitarian and spiritual leader who has gained a following in the United States is visiting the Pacific Northwest to bless thousands.  Amma, Mata Amritanandamayi, also known as "Mother" will hold three free public programs and a retreat at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue May 23-26, 2014. Amma has been called "the hugging saint" because she has been known to embrace more…


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