More concepts on compassion collected at the corner of 3rd and C in Davis, California:


The look in every smile.


Compassion means whatever your heart says it means.


Compassion is showing respect and good will towards others (human and animal) regardless of personal judgment.


Come Passion -- Go Apathy, Go Contempt. Empathy is essential to compassion. The term implies we have come to experience the passion of another's state of being.


Compassion: a love for or desire to do or be something that is so strong it is infectious to others.


Compassion is selfless, but rooted in the self. It is the realization that we are one and very much interconnected and interdependent.


Compassion joins spirit, love, and action.


Compassion is understanding what others experience who are challenged in ways in which we are not as individuals. For example, to try to understand how a person who manages to survive and endure a chronic ailment, disorder, illness or disease, whether it is visible or not. To be able to empathize with others who live and to have a sensitivity and connection with all since compassion is an essential ingredient for being human.


I believe compassion is about kindness and empathy. Compassion is being able to understand other person's emotions and not only understand but be able to connect with them and offer a kind heart to allow ther person to move forward with whatever struggle they may be facing. Being able to feel love, compassion, and kindness towards others is being able to understand your own needs as a human being when it comes to our psychological understanding of ourselves and others.


Compassion is being human. Don't ever give that up.


Compassion is the glue of humanity.


Compassion is sharing what little one has.


Knowing no "other."


Compassion is being at One with others so that one is in the others' soul/feelings/experience.


Compassion means thinking with your heart.


Compassion is living in someone else's reality and choosing to act in a selfless manner.


Compassion is choosing to see the value in another individual feeling what they feel and meeting them where they are at. If there is a need then meet it--from a listening ear to a meal to whatever you can give. Compassion can only come from a heart wide open and ready to see.


For me, today @ 10:15AM, compassion is the vehicle that motivates me to share my spiritual awakening with love + acts of kindness to humankind + my surrounding with mother earth.


Compassion is the journey of spirits.

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