More interesting concepts on compassion from the Compassion Corner in Davis, California--


Caring for everyone regardless of their background.


Love that is unconditional. One that extends to those who are deserving and also undeserving of it as well. To wish for the greatest good of everyone.


Compassion is more than the love you share to family and friends, but the love you receive from God in order to give that love to others.




Compassion is giving every person a chance to change your life.


Start employment office and put everybody to work making Davis a better place to be.


Giving your seat up on the bus for an elderly person.


Realizing that the other is an illusion, a concept of the "other's" journey as a similar experience. Life walking with different footsteps and different experiences.


Compassion is being forgiving with oneself and all living beings--seen and unseen. It's remembering to always ask the other question. It's being thankful--for what you have and do not--for you are and who you are not.


Compassion + Love = Peace.


Compassion is not stepping on a snail when he crosses the sidewalk.


Compassion is an expression of one's true Spirit in God, an expression of love that fulfills part of God's purpose for people in this world.


I realize, today, that compassion is understanding that all people deserve to be loved with kindness. However, in my experience thus far, it has been an extremely challenging path. For each person I've talked with, including myself, seemingly, has an artificial sense of self, that, we habitually protect out of a false sense of security. Ultimately, I believe and feel, being gentle with this false self, in our own being and in others, seems to help create a compassionate state of communication, where a non-judgmental conversation can take place, and we can help each other grow.

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